With all of the computer repair services available these days - I want to take this time to thank you, and let you know just how much we appreciate your business.


Computer TEC's Online Pricing

No hidden charges.
Just affordable professional service.

How it works!

1) Contact a technician and describe your computer issues. Your technician will simply explain what your PC's problems are and advise how to fix it.

Full Service Repair

Flat Service Rate $89.

We don't charge per issue. We will make sure your computer is ready for action with our professional diagnostic and repair service. We will solve issues, remove any malicious software like viruses, trojans, spyware etc. and optimize your PC for improved performance all for a one time service charge of $89.

Bought a new PC? Our online tech support team will help you transfer your existing files, personal settings, and system preferences (bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.) to your new PC with ease. Additionally, your Certified Technician will install essential security software and patches to keep your computer safe.

When you contact us, you will chat with an experienced technician who will listen to the issues you are having with your machine. We will then explain what services will likely be needed. Once you decide to allow us to do the service, we will walk you through the connection process step by step at a pace you are comfortable with.

Cyber Investigations - Software Training

$18 Hourly Rate

Our CYBER INVESTIGATION SERVICE provides deep web searching for private citizens and small businesses at an affordable price. IP/Email tracing, fact checking, people search, scams and other cybercrime activity.

We can teach you to be an Online Ninja. Learn to Surf Smart. Protect your data and identity. We can show you how to remember multiple complex passwords using our custom formula. How to spot malicous emails... Also, as our customer, you can always contact us with any security questions.

SOFTWARE TRAINING Do you need help with Email, social media, Youtube videos..? Training for a new software program? We will be right by your side giving you step by step instructions to help make you comfortable using these programs.

2) You will need to download and install TeamViewer in order to create a secure connection. Your technician can help you if needed.

3) Sit back and watch the technician repair your computer. Feel free to ask questions.


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